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Best in class security, to reduce audit requirements, improve governance and build trust.

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Designed for data security from the start​​

Isgood’s data platform connects with your existing data sources, using a secure connection to stream real time data into your reporting and insights dashboards.

Because isgood provides a single point of access for your data, you can establish a robust data governance infrastructure, giving everyone within your organisation the ability to answer their own questions while keeping data sprawl to a minimum and access to information restricted where desired.

Administrators can set granular permissions by user or group.  Access is controlled by a sharing framework across your organisation, project or individual for all assets used in the platform such as metrics and dashboards.  Data source owners can restrict data access from the database level all the way down to the row or column level.

Administrators can build robust business intelligence data governance that results in a secure experience for their users.

Leverage Your Database’s Security Protocols

Unlike other analysis platforms that force you to pull your data out to analyse it, isgood directly queries your database or datafiles, without duplication of data from its current location – so your data always remains secure and in your control.

Data Availability, Not Data Storage

Isgood uses a read-only connection to access the minimum amount of data needed to answer your questions and return insights. That means that there is no storage of sensitive data on external machines or data-duplication, while leveraging the full power of your existing access controls and database security model.  There’s minimal effort required and the data you have stays with you.

Configuration Made Easy

Application permissions, data access, and content access can be configured in the application, as well as inheriting permissions directly from your existing authorisations and single sign-on protocols.

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Industry-Standard Data Security and Encryption

Isgood uses industry-standard AES encryption to secure your credentials.

We use SSL to encrypt network traffic between users’ browsers and the isgood platform. 

In addition, all data stored and used in the isgood AI engine is automatically encrypted by default using authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD), which simultaneously assures the confidentiality and authenticity of data.

Easily Monitor Usage, Improve Governance and Trust

Isgood logs every interaction so administrators can audit usage and easily set up scheduled reports and alerts. 

Because isgood’s platform utilises blockchain (*future feature) version-control, you can also track changes, who changed them, and how that affects your program.

Having data-source and change logging by blockchain, coupled with AEAD encryption, we enable unparalleled levels of trust, while allowing organisations to reduce the costs and resources required for auditing, reporting and governance.

2. Product

The isgood platform provides numerous product features to assist with real time access to data, setup, and processes to help you meet data security and privacy GDPR requirements.

Our shared security partnership

Isgood connects to your organization’s databases, applications and other data sources, leaving your data in your location.  We connect to your data and stream only the bits required by the AI to deliver meaningful insights. 

Because isgood connects to technology that you are responsible for maintaining, security becomes a shared responsibility between isgood and you.  Isgood has developed security best practices you can leverage to help mitigate any security concerns.

Application Data Used by Isgood

Isgood utilizes a number of first- and third-party tools in order to provide and improve the service we are able to provide.   

Application services are outlined below.

Isgood’s Responsibilities

Cloud security

Isgood uses established public cloud hosting providers to augment isgood’s security program with additional security and availability operational controls.

Product security

Isgood is responsible for ensuring that the code quality for the isgood platform is developed according to industry-wide best practices for software development, and is regularly tested for vulnerabilities.

Organisation security

Isgood is responsible for educating and disseminating security best practices throughout its organization, and ensuring that isgood’s ancillary applications, systems, and networks are securely configured and monitored.

Physical security

Isgood is responsible for monitoring the isgood corporate facilities, and ensuring that offices and hardware are both protected.