Working with OKRs

We work in groups of empowered super-heros towards Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), that lead us to create the impact we wish to see in the world. This approach helps us understand how our individual work contributes to common goals.Many successful organisations use OKRs: Google, Spotify, Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn to name just […]


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Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Our foundation is a data and AI platform to understand beyond the dollar, enabling positive change for people, planet and prosperity. Working with social, humanitarian and purpose driven organisations, Data & AI provide real-time evidence and meaningful insights to improve impact, optimise outcomes and create systemic change to the […]

How We Say It

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Let’s talk look & feel Our Brand Identity Guidelines contain all the details you need to ensure a consistent look and feel for our organisation. You can find this here (google drive restricted access). Writing tips We follow the Australian Government style guide to ensure our language is respectful and inclusive. In particular we use: […]

Where We Say It

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Overview We share the isgood message in a number of places. Our marketing content strategy determines what we say and where. Everyone at isgood is welcome to contribute ideas to our content strategy. And if you’d like to flex your writing muscles and create a blog or social media post or 3, the marcomms team […]

The Tech

AI is to Help Humans

We explain the technical side of isgood in language that non-technical people can understand.

A Brief History Towards isgood

history slide A Brief History Towards isgood

Our history The first years (MAX what date did you start?) – I was doing fundraising campaigns for a huge foundation and discovered they had no idea if they were delivering the change and impact for the end beneficiaries or community, family, etc they had raised the funds for  (endemic in all social/humanitarian efforts / […]

Tools & Workflows

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Overview The isgood team works remotely across the globe. So having the right tools at our disposal is super important. This page explains which ones you’re likely to need for your role and how to use them. If you have an idea for something that will help us work better we’d love to hear about it. […]