13 Sep 2020
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Please note some of the info in the toolbox has been copied from the SFH members handbook.  The handbook is the single source of truth and is updated regularly, so do check that for the latest and most complete info regarding membership, conduct and such.

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Let’s talk look & feel

Our Brand Identity Guidelines contain all the details you need to ensure a consistent look and feel for our organisation. You can find this here (google drive restricted access).

We follow the Australian Government style guide to ensure our language is respectful and inclusive. In particular we use:

We’re a SaaS Platform with a fee per project, per month (or payment period).  There may be extra services and add-ons, which may include a fee for onboarding assistance and training (to be easy like SaaS, also possible to have a network of subject matter experts, consultants and facilitators for referral to), as well as other add-ons like survey tools, custom integrations and data-enrichment, etc.

The future of our pricing is to be collaborative with our partners and users, with the end-goal to be focused on what will enable the greatest overall positive impact globally for people and planet.

The platform to change the world … for good !!!

We want to change the world, but we can’t do everything at once, and when we turn towards the problems plaguing the world, we see technology as the enabling lever towards global change.

But how do we make sense of it all, where do we start?

To create a better future, we need to understand value and contribution beyond spreadsheets and dollar figures.

We need to evolve beyond the limitations of measurement, evaluation and reporting systems designed to extract value and profit.

We need a new system to collaboratively contribute to positive change and solve complex global problems – so we are building

Using some pretty cool tech, we enable purpose-driven organisations to collate and bring meaning to their data and the world around them in new ways, providing the exact insights they need to do more good.

For aid and case workers on the ground, personalised insights inform what is affecting your ability to create the change you wish to create, so you have the real-time evidence to support the delivery of better outcomes for end beneficiaries.

For those running the programs, insights let you know which factors, environment and inputs are having positive or negative contributions towards your goals. Taking advantage of shared learnings and leveraging this granular evidence, you can drive unprecedented outcomes within individual projects and across portfolios.

And while the tech is pretty amazing, it is the inbuilt reinforcement mechanisms for collective systemic change that enables better beneficiary outcomes, positive impact to occur at global scale and lay the groundwork for people and planet thrive in balance.

For governments, funders, foundations, NGOs, IGOs and the holders of global equity to contribute towards problems they care about, and positively impact people and planet. offers you the ability to:

  1. Finally understand where and what will be the most effective initiatives to fund.
  2. Work towards systemic solutions, while supporting what makes a difference now.
  3. Provide to your projects and empower them to create more good.

For organisations directly delivering programs and services in community, social, aid and humanitarian programs to benefit people and planet. offers you the ability to:

  1. Have insights in your hand, in real-time, to intervene early and create more good.
  2. Solve your data and reporting pains. Just click and connect, no prep and no hassle.
  3. Optimise in real-time with truly attributable evidence to easily communicate your impact.

Our platform will found the base on which other for-good applications can spawn, from girls education through to ESGs for multinationals and governments; while the collaborations, partnerships and resources available to us will power the next generation of innovation to create systemic change for a sustainable and prosperous planet.

These user personas are representatives of the day to day users in local non-profit type organisations.  We use these as a guide when developing products and supporting material.

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