10 Dec 2020
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Please note some of the info in the toolbox has been copied from the SFH members handbook, and more recent info may also be in our onboarding course or other internal SOPs and documents.  The toolbox is here as a ready reference external to our internal day to day operating docs.  Where pages may no longer be published (broken links), you should refer to the handbook or internal courses, SOPs for the latest info.

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Our Social Contract to each other is built on 6 pillars

Keep it grounded + realistic – you’ll get stuff wrong

isgood is built by people that care enough about the future of the planet and its inhabitants that they want to DO SOMETHING REAL with their skills and time. Expect to be in a team of changemakers and doers.

As we’re here to get things done, we’re not for endless talks or perfectionism. We get things done, best we can, then improve. That also means: we will get stuff wrong. We all make mistakes, especially when we’re learning. Many people join isgood because they want to learn and develop their skills. You’ll get stuff wrong. So will your colleagues. That’s OK.  

When we commit, we make it happen because we GIVE A DAMN

When somebody says they will do something, we expect them to follow through. If life gets in the way (as it occasionally does for all of us) and you can’t do what you’ve said, your colleagues expect you to let them know. Simple. 

You respect the tech

You don’t need a deep understanding of how a car works to get in and drive the car. You just trust it to do what it is designed to do. Our tech is the same.

If the accepted use or data tells us that something is a certain way, then we should trust that the tech is ok that way. We don’t waste time arguing about something, or going over things again and again. Accept that it works, trust it is doing what it is expected, and keep moving forward.

With our tech (as with cars) the fundamentals are reviewed and updated regularly in the normal process of evolving technology, but you trust that evolution. Of course, normal development includes testing and review by subject-matter-experts, to ensure that core functionality is tested and verified to work as expected.

Communicate openly + honestly

Your voice is welcome. Your perspective is valued. Your interests are interesting. The best thing you can do to give and receive value, is participate and communicate honestly.

Enable others to succeed participants are expected to support contemplative awareness and nonviolent communication in our relationships. This is especially important in online communications. Please consider other perspectives in all interactions and activities.

Together, we KICK-ASS 

A team is more than the sum of its parts. Our success is collective, not individual. We don’t compete against each other. We don’t play games or politics. We don’t have time for that.

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