A Brief History of isgood

10 Dec 2020
Last Update

Please note some of the info in the toolbox has been copied from the SFH members handbook.  The handbook is the single source of truth and is updated regularly, so do check that for the latest and most complete info regarding membership, conduct and such.

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The isgood story started when founder, Max Lynam, was working on fundraising campaigns. He discovered that humanitarian and other for-purpose organisations often struggle to measure the impact of the funds they raise to support beneficiaries such as communities and families. After researching the problem for a few years, Max confirmed that it was a pervasive problem amongst most social and humanitarian organisations. 

A potential solution was to use the rapidly evolving potential of artificial intelligence to help for-purpose organisations measure their impact. However, no existing technology was suitable to solve the issue.

So, in 2017, Max gathered a team to work on the problem, then in 2018, he stepped down from his board and committee roles to fully focus on isgood. Three proof of concepts solutions were built and tested. To learn more about our tech, please click here. 

The development period was an opportunity to develop deep connections with global for-purpose organisations and to better understand the needs and opportunities of impact measurement for the sector. In particular, the need for intelligent systems that could track cause and effect across complex problems. 

As part of this engagement effort, a structure for the organisation was proposed: set up a member’s cooperative, incorporated as an association and operating as a holacracy, to carry the core mission, then create a for-profit entity owned in part by the coop and in part by external investors, to allow for capital investment. The isgood coop accepted its first formal members in early 2019, in March 2019, Max registered isgood.ai as a Pty Ltd, and in 2020, the ‘Solution for Humanities’ association was officially registered as a charity.  

In 2019, isgood’s foundational script was developed and  the technology deployed to cloud servers. By Christmas that year, isgood began generating income.

2020, from bushfires to COVID-19, put a spanner in the works – slowing down the launch of the full SaaS platform to early 2021. However, this provided an opportunity to strengthen the isgood team. In September 2020, a new group of contributors joined the isgood family: this doubled the size of the organisation and accelerated toward launch.

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