IP, NDA’s and non-competes

11 Dec 2020
Last Update

Please note some of the info in the toolbox has been copied from the SFH members handbook, and more recent info may also be in our onboarding course or other internal SOPs and documents.  The toolbox is here as a ready reference external to our internal day to day operating docs.  Where pages may no longer be published (broken links), you should refer to the handbook or internal courses, SOPs for the latest info.

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Creating a fair environment for all

To encourage, honour and reward everyone’s contribution towards isgood.ai, we are looking to create a fair environment, that is respectful to the members of the cooperative and other contributors.

We need to ensure we do the right things for those that are dedicated to our cause, doing good and in it for the long-haul. We alsoΒ need to ensure that the initiatives and tech we develop is used for good.

Some of our tech will be open-sourced, while others will be licensed (via patent) or only made available via the platform.Β  This is to ensure we enable the greatest benefit to humanity, while ensuring it does not get used for nefarious or evil means.

The present page details our policy when it comes to intellectual property, non-disclosure and non-competes. Please see our manifesto for more.Β 

Intellectual Property

Ownership of intellectual property produced while working for isgood.ai is retained by the company and hence the members of the company while they are working for isgood.ai.

All contributors towrds isgood.ai (and members of Solutions for Humanity) agree to transfer all intellectual property rights and interests (including copyright) in any ideas or materials they create relating to their contribution towards isgood.ai to isgood.ai.

Members and contributors are taken to consent to isgood.ai’s use of such creations in a manner reasonably contemplated by their contribution and membership which is agreed when they start with the organisation.

As a member or contributor you also agree not to bring any claim for infringement of your moral rights in respect of that use.

Non-disclosure agreement

Members and contributors must agree to the current NDA required for their position (general requirement is the http://friendda.org/ as of September 2019).

Non-compete agreement

Members and contributors undertake not to compete or work for competitors, who are not collaborating officially with isgood.ai, for a period of two years after ceasing to contribute or be a member of isgood.ai.

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