03 Jun 2021
Last Update

Please note some of the info in the toolbox has been copied from the SFH members handbook, and more recent info may also be in our onboarding course or other internal SOPs and documents.  The toolbox is here as a ready reference external to our internal day to day operating docs.  Where pages may no longer be published (broken links), you should refer to the handbook or internal courses, SOPs for the latest info.

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The contributors work remotely across the globe. This page provides brief explanations on the tools you will be using for your work.

Communication Tools 


Internal communication tool for keeping updated with isgood and your team. There is a specific channel for each team, and a series of special channels (in the table below). 

Each Friday you need to update the team on your progress for the week.

Functional channels


For all the announcements and work-based matters like team meetings, team updates and staff changes. 


Ask me anything channel for clarifying any questions about isgood.

Social channels


For general chats and catch-ups. A place for non-work fun with the work mates.


A platform for sharing all upskilling opportunities


A place for banters and water cooler conversation on a wide range of issues.


Isgood book club. A place to share all the amazing things you have read, heard or seen.



Used for organising polls, surveys, team decisions. 


Connects the team virtually by randomly pairing members for donuts and coffee. Join the #virtual-coffee channel for participating in the next donut round.


Zoom and Discord

Virtual meeting tools used by all isgood members … zoom for formal meetings and allows recording, get into our Discord for virtual office chatchups, chats and collaboration.

Productivity Tools

Project management software used to manage, monitor and collaborate on tasks.

Check the official quickstart guide for new users, and an intro video of how we use it.

Post an update on the task you are working on for every work session. 

Google suite

Primary tool used for all collaborative documents at isgood. You will be given access to the relevant folders during onboarding. 

Other productivity tools

Isgood members use a variety of tools to hone in their superpower for good. The table below provides a list of most commonly used ones. 



Functional Area

Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing infrastructure used by the development, data science and analyst teams.

Developers, Data science and Analyst


Graphic design platform utilized for design and marketing assets.  

Marcomms, Partnership and Ops  


DNS platform for domain management. 

Lead Developers


Interface design software for the product team.

WebApp UI Design


Documentation tool for operations team.

Ops, Developers


DevOps software for the development team.

Developers, Data science and Analyst


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used by the partnership, marcomms and operation teams.

Marcomms, Partnership and Ops


Virtual whiteboard for collaborating remotely.



Content management software for the website. 



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