11 Sep 2020
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The isgood team works remotely across the globe. So having the right tools at our disposal is super important. This page explains which ones you’re likely to need for your role and how to use them.

If you have an idea for something that will help us work better we’d love to hear about it. And if you’re having trouble or need a few pointers please reach out to your team leader or team mates – we’re here to help!


Tools we ALL Use


When you first join isgood, you’ll be invited to sign up to our internal communications tool Slack ( You’ll be added to Slack channels relevant to your role and team.

Each week you’ll need to update your team’s Slack channel with your progress. Use your team channel to communicate general comments and updates (and only use 1to1 channels for direct/personal communications).

Company-wide channels:

#brew-room – if there are things you’d normally chat with colleagues over a coffee IRL (in real life), this is where you share them. Eg some crazy thing you did on the weekend, what you had for breakfast, the footy game on the weekend. Anyone can post to #brew-room and are encouraged to do so!

#general – We post company-wide announcements and work-based matters here. This is where you’ll find information on team meetings, team updates and staff changes.

#random – Found a new way to improve how you work? Read a great article and want to share? Just got a general comment on that state of the world/planet/industry? This channel is the place to post. Anyone can post to #random and are encouraged to do so!

#virtual-coffee – This is a casual way to meet the team. When you join isgood you’ll join here to have a ‘virtual coffee’ with one other colleague chosen at random each fortnight. The app will let you know who you’ve been paired with and then the 2 of you work out a time that suits.


We use tacos in Slack. If someone’s done something really cool or helped you, shout them a Taco! Tacos are how we thank each other and acknowledge a job well done. Everyone has 5 tacos a day to give out to anyone they choose. It’s really simple to give someone a taco ( plus you’ll feel good, they’ll feel good and you’ll spread the love!). All you have to do is add a taco after someone’s username like this @username Great job! :taco:


We use Clickup to manage, monitor and collaborate on tasks. If you’ve ever used Trello or Asana you’d be familiar with this way of working (it’s like them but on steroids!).

When you first join isgood you’ll be invited to the ‘workspaces’ that are relevant to your role.

You can find the Getting Started Guide here.  This will explain the basics of how to use Clickup. You’ll also see each task has a ‘value score’. These are added to measure contribution, find out why this is important here [LINK to ].

You’ll find some documents directly in Clickup too. These are often operational guides or docs specific to a task or a simple table. All other docs are in G Drive (see below)

Pro tip: The most important rule for for using ClickUp is to make sure you comment ON the task when you are doing something, and status when you finish doing a work session, so those involved can be kept up to date with what is being done. You should expect the same from others too, so you are kept up to date on tasks you are involved with.

G Drive

When you start at isgood you’ll be given access to any folders you need in the G Drive. We use the G Drive as a repository of our work.

MarComms & Growth tools


Hubspot is our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It’s used to store contact details for our clients, subscribers, team and other stakeholders.

Through Hubspot we manage our sales and recruitment processes.

We also use Hubspot to manage our social media schedule and our EDM. Canva (see below) is integrated directly with Hubspot.

If you need to use Hubspot for your role, Max will provide you with a login.


Presentations, social media posts and other design work is created in Canva.

Our Canva account includes our brand kit with logos, fonts and colours uploaded ready to use. Check out our Brand Guidelines here [LINK coming when this page is live] on how to use the brand kit.

Canva is integrated directly into our HubSpot marketing tools. This makes it super easy to insert custom visuals straight from Canva into our comms, including social media, emails and EDMs.

You can find our Canva account here.

Strategy & Planning tools


Your role may require you to collaborate with others in planning and design. Miro is a highly visual platform that lets us collaborate remotely.

If you need this for your role, you’ll be given login details. 

Developer tools

The dev docs have these details.


Our tools in action

In this video you’ll find some shortcuts and ideas from Max about how he works.


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