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The team toolbox gives insight into the structures and practices of 

It aims to make it easier for people to understand how we work, join and navigate the community.    💪  🌏  ✊

This toolbox contains isgood’s most “static” knowledge and could be described as part of our “constitution”, along with our manifesto.

Who’s this for?

This Toolbox’s primary audience is the tribe;  being those actively contributing, as well as others who might find it useful and would like to understand better how isgood works.

Collaborate and Contribute  

Just like the Solutions for Humanity Inc community and it’s projects (like, these resources are in permanent beta. That means that it won’t ever be complete, but is a living document that will change and grow over time.  Much of it hasn’t been written yet and depends on active contributions from our tribe. If you see something that is missing or could be improved: just do it!

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👉🏼   Each page has a suggestions box for logged in contributors to make in place suggestions. 

⁉️  If you have an idea, put a task straight into our task tool so it will be actioned ;)  

🌏 Looking for a quick overview?
Check out this short introduction on the basics of working with isgood, with links to our other pages. 

The most recent tools added to the toolbox.

isgood toolbox SDG wheel
How We Work

Tools & Workflows

The contributors work remotely across the globe. This page provides brief explanations on the tools ...

The isgood vision

A Brief History of isgood

  The isgood story started when founder, Max Lynam, was working on fundraising campaigns. He discovered that ...

AI is to Help Humans
What We Build

The Tech

We explain the technical side of isgood in language that non-technical people can understand.

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