Together, We Can Create More Good in the World

Doing good is easier, cheaper and achieves better outcomes
when we use #techforgood collaboratively.

Let's change the status quo and do better, together.

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As we find ourselves heading towards the middle of the 21st century .... we know for certain there is a great need to change.


When we look at #techforgood, we are still using approaches, systems and technology primarily designed for capitalist gain – because that is what has been funded and taught.

But, exploitation of resources to extract dollars and profit means what “is good”, has generally been cast aside as difficult and intangible – not great for our habitat and humanity.


1. How can we hope to create the required change, without a seismic shift in understanding contribution and how it is valued?

2. What are the latest evolutionary approaches to frontier technology like AI and data that are actually accessible and applicable?

3. How can technologies enable a regenerative future where people, planet and prosperity can thrive in balance?

4. How do we even get started with this stuff?

Fit for purpose #techforgood #aiforgood

The “Two-Wolves” story in Tomorrowland is extremely profound, you can change the future for good if the information feeding in benefits people and planet … check it out 🙂 
-> here’s the Cherokee Legend version.

Make Doing Good Easier !!!

Imagine what we could achieve if making the right choice, for a better world, was easy and accessible?

Have the information and knowledge fed to us, so our choices can benefit people,  planet and prosperity.  

We are making getting started easy – just know the change and outcomes you wish to enable … and you’ll be able to:

  • Measure what matters, with a road map for data/evidence maturity,
  • Prioritise across all evidence, frameworks and standards.
  • Validate attributable evidence to actionable insights in near real-time.
  • Guide resources to gaps and areas with the greatest impacts.
  • Focus on change and optimised outcomes for end-beneficiaries.
  • Make all of this reporting and techy stuff easier.

We are here to provide those doing good in the world, with the tech and knowledge that enables them to create a future where people, planet and prosperity thrive in balance.

Let’s Collaborate for Good

Easy 4 Fields to Start

... and we're underway

  • Select from aligned validated indicators.
  • AI recommended from across thousands of frameworks and millions of indicators/metrics.
  • Connect individual data-fields/columns to individual indicator data inputs.
  • No data-prep or other work required, evidence is mapped to impact automagically.

Metric / indicator 'recipe' can take 6 consultants 3 months to research .. or a few seconds for our AI.

Don’t worry about pre-processing data, or even if you have little data to start with. 

The initial fast and easy step above provides you with a gap analysis of your digital (and data) maturity to align with your mission – now you have a prioritised evidence roadmap  🎉 

From complex ..

.. to organised & insightful

With so many indicators, impact frameworks, approaches and complexity, it can seem super confusing to even know where to start. 

Let AI 🧠  do the hard work for you 😍

Measure what matters

Without it costing the earth.

With the AI guiding you to recognised valid indicators, this provides you with the prioritised recommended type of evidence and data that will be most meaningful, to enable change and optimise outcomes for end-beneficiaries.

Think of this like a Universal Impact Translator, that allows us to all understand our place and what we can affect, by allowing common understandings and language – across all sectors, outcomes, methodologies and frameworks.

A lot of the evidence and tools are already in your systems, but it is very hard to work with, collate, etc.  The background, baseline and partner data is “out there”, but it is not easily accessed for use, and may also have a heap of privacy or compatibility concerns … we make it easy to connect this data, which is sitting there and waiting to be used by you.

Modern approaches to authorise and connect live to your data sources enables you to sync in only the data needed, standardise and sanitise it for use, and it is immediately  processed, standardised, normalised and sanitised to make all the data comparable to all the data, meet privacy and “trust” concerns … making it easy to use data … and able to be analysed by the AI for cause-and-effect attribution of contribution, and reported in real-time data-dashboards for your team and stakeholders.

There are HUNDREDS of different data source connectors, and you set up once and it is connected and live without having to collate it ever again.

If some of the evidence is missing, there are a heap of FREE or cheap tools/apps we recommend based on your projects particular needs … it becomes easy to mature your evidence base, so you can show the value you have contributed towards positive change.

Save 80% of your data, collation and reporting time ... set once and let the AI do the hard work 😍

Data You Control

Baseline & Partner Data

To create impact in the real-world, we need to know quant/qual, internalities and externalities, to properly understand the change we are enabling.

We enable easy and secured data sharing, collaboration between programs, and shared learnings when there are shared beneficiaries and supportive activities for better outcomes.

You don’t need extra costs like a data-lake (swamp), as data lives at the source, controlled at the source, live to report to stakeholders and real-time AI notifications for best outcomes.

Keep Stakeholders Happy

Empower Your Team

AI = Actionable Insights

” Babel 🤖 ” your personal AI assistant, what is, or is not working and WHY.

Babel is your BFF, and acts as a
 Universal Impact Translator  

Every single data-point, in every single project, within every single data-visualisation dashboard is connected to indicators, impacts, outcomes and the real-world physical constants – like time and place.

Combine this with the thousands of indicators, impacts areas, internal and external factors … and it’s just not possible to do this without AI … or wait months for some report and in the meantime your beneficiaries have been suffering.

Babel 🤖” gives personalised notifications of what is impacting what is relevant to you  Regardless of whether you are a funder, manager or social worker … the notifications are relevant to the user, provides a data-visualisation story and validated evidence behind each visualisation tile, which is linked to an impact indicator, so you have the information to guide your choices for the greatest impact.

Built for those empowered and driven to create a better world ... spend time doing good, while the AI bot does the "data stuff".
🤩 🙏 🌏

The knowledge and insights to enable the greatest change, aggregates hierarchically across the ecosystem you have access to, so you can make the right decisions at the right levels, backed by the correct attributable evidence.

Fill out this form to get FREE access to our #techforgood resources, guides and beta access to the platform.

Video Explainer

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Bringing meaningful change and something completely new to the world takes time.

The isgood project is the result of over 8 years of collaborative research and development, including hundreds of expert and industry contributors, organisations, institutions.

We are really close to releasing both the webapp, and the open isgood data platform “brain” to the world.  Below is a bit of an outline of what is coming, and expected timelines.

Let’s be a force for good together, and be the change we wish to see ✊ 

🤞 Roadmap *

  • Beta (initial) release
    Feature summary -> allows input of desired outcomes and change for project, returns recommended indicators/data (measure what matters, to provide the most meaningful and attributable evidence of your contribution towards the outcomes/impact).
    – provides a roadmap for data-maturity and starting point for measuring what matters.
    – evidence based program/policy design, to ensure what you are doing can/could provide evidence of the change you desire to make.  
  • Pre-Release
    Feature summary -> initial releases priority data connectors, data-sets, data-enrichment, data-dashboards, data standardisation/cleaning, additional priority & custom frameworks.
    – We ensure the data-connectors, frameworks loaded, baseline data, etc that we deploy first are the ones that will support your usage and projects.
    – This enables everything to be setup custom to the impacts, stakeholders and systems used
    – Setup dashboards, permissions and sharing, to communicate your impact, and get insights to improve outcomes.  
  • Public Release
    Feature summary -> full user managed custom dashboards, datasets and connectors, sharing dashboards, anomaly detection, AI-impact personal-assistant bot, to guide interactive data-visualisation stories of risk, gaps, opportunity and what affects the change you wish to create (internal/external, known/unknown). 
    – this is when it gets to the “game-changer” stage for the sector, the stage
    – everything runs automatically, just setup and the insights are fed to you via the AI assistant
    – dashboard reports, visualisations and data are near-real-time, with setup and sharing customisable for impacts, levels in projects/orgs, stakeholders, etc

    White-label (network) partner, have the top-level org; so manage projects, permissions and share in the clients, maintaining your relationship, as well as being able to consolidate across programs and clients to know your own impact, without any extra work/data on your part  🙂
    – you also have things like your logo always being visible, customisations/frameworks specific to you, private datasets/templates if you wish, etc.    

  • Monthly feature releases:
    During and after the scheduled releases above, we intend to have new WebApp features released every month.  Priorities based on early partner and pilot user requirements.

    Near future features include:
    – cross-framework reporting at the click of a button (no extra data work, just “turn the dial”).
    – data-blending within data-sets, from multiple data-sources, further reducing any required work from evidence sources.
    – Stakeholder/Community ideation and closed loop feedback into programs, activities and longitudinal change, with direct impact/data updates.
    – automated monthly updates as PDF reports (eg. like monthly automated SEO reports, but custom for your impacts, projects, etc).
    – in org/project basic @ messaging and extended sharing and notifications, assisting
    – double opt-in cross-program evidence driven collaboration requests, based off external parties impacting each other’s success.
    – global data and indicator bank, of all open-indicators, data and marketplace for licensed indicators, gifting/gamification to enable greater collab and access.
    – …. and plenty more …. like predictive and prescriptive modelling evolving over time (like sim-earth).  

  • The AI & data platform (isgood brain) and openAPI Gateway will be getting substantially extended, and we will be starting to have (impact, grant, etc) platform integrations starting to go live/pilot later this year as well.  The webapp is just the first “client” of the isgood brain platform, and we hope to have many thousands of applications and platforms connected, enabling good across the humanitarian and environmental sector, as well as the future global economy – where people, planet and profit thrive in balance.
* conceptual rollout at time of last update.
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Ongoing Knowledge, Translating Impacts for Systemic Change

Simplified Process Roadmap