and Y-Combinator Build Sprint 2021

y combinator sign and Y-Combinator Build Sprint 2021
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How Y-Combinator Build Sprint Helps

- is launching soon.
- Accelerating the launching process by participating in Y-Combinator Build Sprint 2021.
- Project management and contributors are key factors for its rapid growth and launching.

Murtadha Al-Sharuee is a positive-impact-driven company with a big vision to enhance people’s lives. 

Our focus centers around addressing social, health, environmental and economic problems such as poverty, homelessness, pollution and mental health. To pursue these eminently worthwhile and humanitarian goals, uses the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. 

We are in the process of building an intelligent system based on natural language processing to effectively incorporate recommendations and indicators such as Sustainable Development Goals and Circular Economy and Doughnut Economics frameworks into our platform. When building this system, many aspects need to be considered such as website design, database, the AI backend brain and cloud computing infrastructure. 

As a team, we are very excited to finish the building process and look forward to launching our product. To move at a faster pace towards launching, is taking a part in Y-Combinator Build Sprint 2021. 

Y-Combinator is a seed fund which offers early investment in startup companies and it is a startup accelerator which supports companies and projects to rapidly grow and move forward. As we are close to launching, the timing could not be any better to join Y-Combinator Build Sprint 2021 and get the job done. This sprint starts on February 15 and ends on March 14, during which we are working tirelessly and passionately to have the first running model ready.

Rising to the Challenge

We are committed to meet the timelines of Y-Combinator Build Sprint. AI technology and website requirements are clear and almost finalized, we only need to successfully complete the implementation. To do this, relies on its contributors and on effective project management.  

Project Management

The key to effective project management is our ability to progress in multiple directions simultaneously. For example, the data science team divides the AI implementation into smaller tasks where only two to three contributors are working on each task. This helps us to move faster and have an active work environment. However, this arrangement can be challenging sometimes because some tasks are dependent on other tasks. To address this, we use fake data as outputs of the preceding tasks, to then be fed into succeeding tasks as inputs. Also, team members are free to work on whatever task they like based on their skills and abilities. Usually, this is done by having concise meetings to distribute tasks and have clear ideas about the requirements. Moving in different directions simultaneously is the strategy in all the aspects of its growth. 

Awesome People!! is pursuing big goals. We rely on awesome people to grow our platform and achieve our goals.  We’re lucky to have a team of purpose-driven contributors who are enthusiastic about positive change and social  impacts; whose goals in life are aligned with the goals of . What drives our work is an honest desire to do all we can to make things better – and belief that we can succeed. Our learnings come from years of experience, as professionals, parents, citizens, and people. As a tech-for-good start-up, our organization also provides students and new graduates an opportunity to practice their skills and enhance their employability. These team members learn and advance their skills while contributing to the growth of 

Looking forward will soon launch its product for social good and positive impacts with optimistic visions of the future. Participating in Y-Combinator Build Sprint 2021 is an opportunity to accelerate the launching process and utilize whatever resources might be available for rapid growth.  Thanks to our super-hero contributors and skillful project management, we are progressing – swiftly and steadily.  


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Murtadha AL-Sharuee

Murtadha AL-Sharuee

I received my PhD degree from the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, La Trobe University, Australia, in 2019. I received a master’s degree in Computer Science from BAMU, India and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraq.