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We're going to make a real and tangible
positive impact on the world - join the party! exists to empower those who want to do good 
to leverage 
emerging technology and big data
to maximise their outcomes and efforts is a social enterprise collectively owned by the people building it. Unlike a traditional profit-maximising company, revenue is not an end in itself, but a means towards achieving a core social purpose. A worker-owned cooperative structure is a powerful way to live our values of collaboration and collective ownership.

The rewards are plenty … equity, income, belonging, support and a passion for social innovation that can change the world – join the family 🙂

The minimum commitment to be considered active (even as advisor, mentor, etc) is a half-day per month, plus participation in comms and collaborative decision making.

Excellence & Rigour,
Team Happiness & Empowerment, Client Reach
& Outcomes

Got wicked skills? Use 'em to solve wicked problems!

– Currently Recruiting –

Amazing WebApp Developers

If you're a purpose driven webapp developer with slick dev skills, a keen eye for design and clean code - we'd love you on our team.

Python, AI & Data Science Gurus

Work on Google's amazing data, AI & ML infrastructure, real-time streaming data, pre-processing, complex data-flow & BigQuery. Sound cool? Join us!

As part of the Google Spark program we’re Google Cloud native.
#socialimpact #socialinnovation #inclusive #wecan #ai #gcp 

Software & Development >
Frontend, Backend and Fullstack … ya wanna change the world with tech?  Join us !!!
Artificial Intelligence / ML & Data >

User Interface Design / Branding / Graphic Design
Google Cloud Infrastructure

Data Visualisation

Wanna come play?  Send an email with your deets to [email protected]

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