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We're going to make a real and tangible positive impact on the world.
-> join the party! exists to empower those who want to do good to leverage emerging technology and big data to maximise their outcomes and efforts.

Isgood is a cooperative of innovators, disruptors and problem solvers – we’re focussed on solutions that can solve humanitarian and social problems at global scale.
As a social enterprise that is run and owned by and for our members, our very survival and wellbeing requires us to actively create systemic change towards a sustainable future for people and planet.
We empower those who want to do good to maximise their outcomes and efforts, by leveraging emerging technology and big data.

The rewards are plenty … equity, income, belonging, support and a passion for social innovation that can change the world – join the family 🙂

The minimum commitment to be considered active (even as advisor, mentor, etc) is a half-day per month, plus participation in comms and collaborative decision making.

- Strategic Pillars -

& Rigour

We aspire to be awesome and leverage the best of technology. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, use evidence-based process & are continuously testing & improving.

Team Happiness
& Empowerment

We know we have a team of passionate superhumans. We cultivate a welcoming & safe space for our people to learn, grow, contribute and deliver superior outcomes.

Client Reach
& Outcomes

There is strength in numbers – the more people we work with the more impact we create. By partnering with our clients to maximise their outcomes, we can create transformative change.

Got wicked skills?
Use ’em to solve wicked problems!

– Currently Recruiting –

As part of the IBM Startup program we’re globally hyperscaled on IBM Cloud.
Stack @
#socialimpact #socialinnovation #inclusive #wecan #ai
#techforgood  #aiforgood  #dataforgood  #globalgoals

We are building the impact infrastructure for a future that is sustainable, equitable and prosperous. is a big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, that has the goal of optimising global outcomes, on a global scale, to enable a regenerative, sustainable and prosperous future for people and planet.

WebApp Developers

If you’re a purpose driven webapp developer with mean Angular/python dev skills, a keen eye for design and clean code – we’d love you on our team.

   Join in and hack for good :)
Front End Dev Wishlist
  • Angular.js, MEAN and related frameworks
  • UI Design Standards (Bootstrap/Material)
  • Pug.js / JS Templating a Bonus
  • Data Visualisations with js via json api
  • API Driven App Development
Back End Dev Wishlist
  • Python, particularly OOP Python & Node
  • Scalable Multi Tenant SaaS Platform
  • Full integration front-end, AI, Insights
  • API Driven App Development
  • IBM Cloud , gitlab, CI/CD

AI & Data-scientists

Work on amazing cloud data, AI & ML infrastructure, real-time streaming data, pre-processing, complex data-flow - we're working on amazing stuff no-one has done.

   Join in and hack for good :)
Data Scientist Wishlist
  • Broad generalist knowledge data-science
  • Python productisation (platform stable)
  • Multi-source streaming data, real-time data processing, key/tag and classification
  • Data visualisations and Storytelling
  • Data modelling and documentation
  • Sanitation, Standardisation & Normalisation
  • Build and management tools (jupyter, Git)
  • Explore new ways to gain insight from data
Also on the hunt for purpose driven super-heroes with the following skills:
  • Digital Marketing & Comms
  • Graphic Design Genies
  • UI / UX Design

If you only know some of this, but feel passionate about using your tech and hacking skills for good
… get your geek on and come see if we’re a good fit for each other – it’ll be awesome  🙂
We have contributors at all different levels, we are all learning !!!

Accepting applications for work-placement, interns and full-team member positions. is committed to developing and fostering a culture of diversity within an equitable workplace where all people are respected and valued. We have a membership agreement that describes how we work.

We are a remote first team, with amazing changemakers decentralised and distributed around the world 🙂

Wanna come play and define your own role? Send an email with your deets to [email protected]

find your happy place.

Turn Purpose into Action

If you have questions about joining the team or want to talk about getting involved for other roles, please email through your questions 🙂