Nurture Human Nature

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Summary to enable better outcomes

"Rational economic man is damaging our societies and the living world. We can no longer afford to gaze at his image"

Kate Raworth

Seeing ourselves as solely rational actors, bent on consuming and spending, keeping the financial wheels greased, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Beliefs about human nature help shape human nature.”

This caricature of rational economic humans has painted a picture of a society that can dominate nature, and we have allowed ourselves to become that caricature.

In actual fact we are programmed to support each other, to develop cooperative communities and we are most certainly deeply dependent upon nature. We are far from the rigid, blinkered consumers that economics would have us believe. We are flexible and capable of greater change than we may even believe ourselves to be.

What we need though is an economic system that can nurture human nature, support us along our journey to change and give us a far greater chance of surviving in the 21st century. Doughnut economics offers us hope of just such a system.

If you haven’t done so already, check out part 1 and part 2 of our doughnut economic series.


Creating systemic change and a regenerative future

Valuing our actions and contributions to society through a financial lens is not sustainable. We need to take into account the social and environmental impact of our behaviours, but until now this has been an almost impossible task. The advantage of valuing activities financially is in the simplicity with which it can be done.

Now though, offers a new and revolutionary way to understand and maximise our contributions to humanity and the habitat in which we all live.

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Know what is good

As we’ll see throughout our Doughnut Economics series, the Doughnut identifies 12 areas of shortfall in human well-being and 9 areas where we are overshooting the planetary boundaries. To keep us within these bounds, within the Doughnut, we need to implement intelligent, multi-disciplinary and coordinated actions.

Developing and maintaining such an optimal action plan within the boundaries is highly complex. We’ll need to go beyond financial measures to evaluate the holistic impact of each action and resource input on the prosperity of humanity and the habitat in which we exist. combines your data and external data with Artificial Intelligence to enable ordinary people to do the extraordinary. That is, it enables you to intelligently optimize your programs to contribute to a humanity who can thrive within the planetary boundaries. offers a new and revolutionary way to maximise your contribution to humanity and habitat in which we all live.