Change the Goal

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Summary to enable better outcomes

"Let's replace that last century goal of endless growth with the goal of thriving in balance"

Kate Raworth

Demand. Supply. Growth. Inflation. Onwards and Upwards. Melt-down. 

Perhaps it is only with the benefit of hindsight that we can say this, but how did GDP and growth at all costs become the standard in economics text books?

It seems so obvious that we can’t continue to grow, grow, grow without eventually collapsing. But what can we do?

Well, according to Kate Raworth in her bestselling book Doughnut Economics the way forward is quite clear. And the first step is to change the goal from GDP to the Doughnut.

This is the first post in our series exploring and explaining doughnut economics; a key influence and guiding light in our development of

Hear directly from Kate in this simple and easily digestible video. Enjoy.


Creating systemic change and a regenerative future

If we can agree that the goal of ever-growing GDP is a false and dangerous one, then we have made the first step to replacing it with one that can bring about a thriving planet and humanity. Enter the Doughnut.

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Know what is good

As we’ll see throughout our Doughnut Economics series, the Doughnut identifies 12 areas of shortfall in human well-being and 9 areas where we are overshooting the planetary boundaries. To keep us within these bounds, within the Doughnut, we need to implement intelligent, multi-disciplinary and coordinated actions.

Developing and maintaining such an optimal action plan within the boundaries is highly complex. We’ll need to go beyond financial measures to evaluate the holistic impact of each action and resource input on the prosperity of humanity and the habitat in which we exist. combines your data and external data with Artificial Intelligence to enable ordinary people to do the extraordinary. That is, it enables you to intelligently optimize your programs to contribute to a humanity who can thrive within the planetary boundaries. offers a new and revolutionary way to maximise your contribution to humanity and habitat in which we all live.