and Y-Combinator Build Sprint 2021 at y-combinator build sprint is pursuing big goals. We rely on awesome people to grow our platform and achieve our goals. We’re lucky to have a team of purpose-driven contributors who are enthusiastic about positive change and social impacts; whose goals in life are aligned with the goals of . What drives our work is an honest desire to do all we can to make things better – and belief that we can succeed. Our learnings come from years of experience, as professionals, parents, citizens, and people. As a tech-for-good start-up, our organization also provides students and new graduates an opportunity to practice their skills and enhance their employability. These team members learn and advance their skills while contributing to the growth of

Working with isgood – the basics

Good Support

Legal Entity is an Australian registered Pty Ltd Company, and is a project of the Solutions for Humanity Inc workers cooperative (SFH), which is an Australian registered charity. in itself is very much a regular startup, but it is a startup founded on social purpose above all else.Β  As such, 50% of its […]

Team structure

Good Support

How we work together Our team is made up of talented individuals  from all over the world. When you choose to join our tribe, you agree to commit a reasonable amount of energy and effort into fulfilling the vision of Project Teams The cooperative operates through a number of semi-autonomous project teams that […]