know what is good.

Meaningful, Actionable Insights to
Optimise Outcomes for People & Planet

every organisation, company, investment and program should be "good".

but how do you know what is good?

ps: there's an app for that.

the challenge.

measuring social impact.

Social and humanitarian organisations do not know which projects and activities are delivering actual change and outcomes for the people they wish to help.

resource allocation.

Funding providers and all forms of investment, are under increasing pressure to ensure the outcomes are good for the planet and people, not just profit – but are often unsure which programs have a genuine impact.

missed opportunities.

There have been no tools or platforms available that provide these insights and guidance. 

We still give you the pretty graphs, dashboards and even automated PDF reports … but, we also give you insights to know how to deliver greater outcomes.

“ is a Social Impact optimisation platform that harnesses data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to guide greater learnings and outcomes. “
we play nice with others.

it's easy to get started.

work with what you've got.

  • framework agnostic
  • map to known metrics
  • click and connect to any data
  • lean real-time streaming data
  • know the path to better data

painless and empowering.

  • easy 3 steps to get started
  • first step is a data health check
  • data & dashboards for everyone
  • instant AI powered insights
  • empower your teams


  • focus on what matters
  • map stakeholder values
  • deliver real-time AI insights
  • blockchain tracked data audit
  • complete control & governance

from beginnging to end: stakeholder value mapping and reporting.

• Engage your stakeholders & beneficiaries through an in-built stakeholder ideation and open democracy portal. This will enable you to map your data & metrics to the outcomes you are trying to achieve and what your stakeholders value most.

• Prove the social ROI of your programs and enable that to be reported and communicated easily, enabling data driven decision making.

data integrations & insights that matter.

• Need meaningful data aggregation in one platform? We let you connect hundreds of data connections and types - both quantitative & qualitative, remote & local, historical & real-time, SaaS & owned, in any data format. Now you can get real intelligence from your data.

• Access the right data at the right time. Realtime, on-demand & scheduled reports are a breeze. Provide actionable intelligence & data visualisations to show the actual outcomes & sustainable positive change you deliver.

artificial intelligence & real-time alerts.

• View and present information at just right level for your internal team, users and stakeholders. Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Program Evaluation makes this easy.

• Concentrate on delivering outcomes, as the embedded Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning delivers automated notifications & real-time feedback. Of course, you can also set your own preferences & alerts, to deliver personalised data-driven actionable intelligence.

• AI & Machine Learning supports you to uncover innovative ways to approach difficult problems, while leveraging shared insights to change the world.

data privacy.

• Blockchain authentication & tracking for all inputs, outputs & data connections enables you to provide unprecedented reporting surety & governance.

• Management of data & data-connection sharing, with full- admin control over each user and guest. Data access in minimised to only what is required, reducing data duplication & enabling true data anonymisation if desired.

• Organisations can set rules to share data & learnings through aggregated access; or, lock them down by organisation, project, source, cohort, type or group of data.
more awesome - without more effort.

it's time to optimise your outcomes.

The status quo in data, evaluation and measurement just isn’t cutting it.

It’s time to start optimising your outcomes through technology, data and AI. harnesses machine learning, data and artificial intelligence to help solve the world’s big social and environmental problems.
You now have the AI guided intelligence and freedom to do more good.

tl;dr:     the basics in 3 dot-points !!!

  • Meaningful insight
    (from mountains of impenetrable data)
  • Actionable intelligence
    (about high impact strategies – yours and others)
  • Connected solutions
    (to solve problems, not just bandage symptoms)

integrate any data-source.

Our roadmap of data-connections is driven by our users … need a connection to prove the impact and outcomes you are having – let us know and it’ll happen.

No matter if you are collecting your data in a custom database, spreadsheet or platforms like a CRM (salesforce, sugar), a form/questionnaire platform (socialsuite, surveymonkey) … even if this needs to be compared to public big-data and open-data sources from third parties or governments it is not a problem.  We enable you to get meaningful insight from these disparate data sources to support your goals.

We even integrate beautifully with automated reporting with grant management and reporting platforms like Fluxx.  Imagine all stakeholders having automated real-time reporting and insights.  Recipients would know areas to optimise and funders can have real-time reporting, insights and alerts across their whole portfolio.

The AI powered data-streaming is tracked via the blockchain to ensure you get the data and insights you need, with unprecedented levels of trust, governance and empowerment to achieve more.

know which programs and activities
deliver the greatest good.

the solution

  • Deeper, more accurate and meaningful insights powered by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Pre-project and ongoing stakeholder engagement, enabling focus on the right things.
  • Automagically map the most highly valued outcomes to metrics and data, as well as predictive and prescriptive modelling, through the embedded AI.
  • Shared learnings across teams, projects and organisations, to enable real-time optimisation and early-intervention - with a focus on optimising outcomes.
  • Real-time data-streaming from many disparate data sources, types and locations.
  • Utilise verified known metrics for goals and outcomes, to enable easy reporting and knowledge on the efficacy of your projects and program delivery.

about us.

our team.

We are a multidisciplinary team of social entrepreneurs, not-for-profit practitioners, organisers and tech professionals dedicated to using emerging technology to create a better world.

Together, we are dedicated to helping to solve some of the biggest problems facing people and planet.

our status.

The platform is currently in closed release, with pilots running with a number of social or public purpose projects.

Get early access for you organisation now, by emailing us at [email protected]

If you intend to have any form of social, environmental, humanitarian or public good as part of your operations, stakeholder responsibilities or as a consideration of your investments … then it’s time to reach out to us.

it's easy to get started.

Improve the impact and outcomes of your efforts.
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