Optimise your
Impact and Outcomes. 

Improving the way organisations
capture, evaluate and optimise impact.

Take control of your impact story

... get meaningful insights, so you can focus on optimising outcomes.

isgood.ai is a big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, that has the goal of optimising global outcomes, on a global scale, to enable a regenerative, sustainable and prosperous future for people and planet.

Connect disparate data sets …

Focussing on outcomes-first, uncover attributable evidence of what affects your ability to do good, from across many dispersed and disparate data-sources, frameworks and standards – remove your data headaches

Leverage AI and lean data techniques to stream (not store) your data inputs, get them talking to each other and make evaluation easier.

… mapped to your outcomes …

To make it even better, your data sources are pulled together, mapped to global impact standards and other relevant data sources in real-time, with no extra effort required – just get the most from what you already have.

Not only does this make your life so much easier, it also creates a more robust picture of what you are doing and how you can optimise it for good!

… to provide meaningful insights.

Keep it simple and only connect to what is actually needed to provide actionable and meaningful insights, with one click and within one consolidated real-time view.

isgood.ai improves the way purpose-driven organisations capture, evaluate and optimise impact.

Impact Auto-Pilot

The AI Guide for Impact & Outcomes

It’s just like google maps … set the change you wish to see and the AI guides you how to get there šŸ™‚

Benefits For You

Achieve your impact objectives

by knowing which data and metrics are most relevant.

Get support from social impact practitioners and data specialists to review and refine your existing impact measurement and evaluation approach through a series of facilitated, collaborative workshops.

Outputs tailored for your reportingĀ  and communication needs.

Standardise & Map Data

to Outcomes & Global Standards

Reduce the physical time it takes for your admin or monitoring and evaluation team to process and analyse data and help them extend their value and skills.

We do the hard work for you, just click and connect and we enrich and map relevant data auto-magically to outcomes, as well as global impact standards, enabling access to meaningful insights to optimise your impact further.

Actionable intelligence

in one click

Create a more robust picture of what you are doing and how you can optimise it for good!

Actionable intelligence is now available in one click, so that you can optimise outcomes and take control of your impact story.