Social Impact Evaluation ...

made easier, for better outcomes.

Making Monitoring and Evaluation Easy, Streamlined and Adaptable.

Connect disparate data sets ...

Our AI ingests and standardises all of your data so it can speak to each other.  Just click and connect to what you already have and let the machine do the work.

... mapped to your outcomes ...

Machine learning auto-magically maps your theory of change, metrics and global standards, against massive data-sets, so you know where your tracking.

... to provide meaningful insights.

You are provided with the attributable evidence to support your impact story; along with inter-connected real-time deep insights at your fingertips.

Start a Pilot in Your Organisation

We are currently running pilots to ensure that anything we build supports current operations and ways of working to get the best results on the ground.

Become part of our founding tribe to co-design the solution that meets your needs first and foremost.

Benefits For You

Refine outcomes to ensure you can achieve your impact objectives.

Get support from social impact practitioners and data specialists to review and refine your existing impact measurement and evaluation approach through a series of facilitated, collaborative workshops.

Outputs tailored for your reporting  / communication needs.

Standardise & Map Data to Outcomes & Global Standards

Reduce the physical time it takes for your admin or monitoring and evaluation team to process and analyse data and help them extend their value and skills.

We do the hard work for you, just click and connect and we enrich and map relevant data auto-magically to outcomes, as well as global impact standards, enabling access to meaningful insights to optimise your impact further.

Have the evidence to confidently share your impact story.

With your standardised data and easy-to-communicate insights, you’ll have the evidence to to support your impact story.

The experience is easy and supportive, adapts to  your measurements approach, generating insights that are accurate and actionable.

You don't need much to get started.

  • A dedicated contact person to lead on communication and internal pilot management.
  • Time from relevant teams to engage in workshop/diagnostics, testing and feedback.
  • Access to relevant data-sources and platforms to connect to our platform.
  • Start with what you have and keep it simple, with insight on how to keep improving.

    Get the benefits within 12-14 weeks 😉

Start Discovering Better.

It's a no-brainer ... save time, reduce effort, gain insights.

Just want to talk things over to start?  Great idea !!!
Click to book an online or in-person chat with our founder, Max.
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isgood is a social enterprise that exists to empower those who want to do good to leverage emerging technology and big data to maximise their outcomes and efforts is a big data, artifical intelligence and machine learning platform, that has the goal of optimising global outcomes, on a global scale, to enable a regenerative, sustainable and prosperous future for people and planet.